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Me Too

Most women have these stories. From acts of casual disregard to the deep dark violations of assault, abuse and rape. Most of us have stories for every category. I know I do. And I know for a long time I have thought myself somehow weak. That the solution to this problem was to become strong. I’ve been more ashamed of myself for being chosen as a victim than the men who have preyed on me. That’s conditioning for you. 
My journey out from under these feelings is midway. It’s been devastating and arduous and exhausting and I know it will continue to be. The more I build my self worth, trust my intuition, solidify my boundaries, and take personal responsibility for my part in accepting certain behaviors as normal, the angrier and angrier I am. And everyone knows what the world thinks of angry women. We’re damaged. Ragged edged and undesirable. Shrill and sharp in all the places we’re meant to be gentle and soft. It layers shame on top of shame on top of shame.
Processing all of this in my p…

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