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The Last Sitting

“Sometimes you know somebody better when you don’t know them. As you get to know them, it wrecks things… until you… part. I think when you take pictures and you don’t know someone, but you like them, then you know each other very well. And if you get that feeling into the pictures, then they stay there. And I think that’s what’s in the pictures, is a feeling of knowing somebody right away. Love at first sight.” -Bert Stern 
Bert Stern sat on an airplane in 1962, surveying the world from above like a newly crowned king, and decided he was entitled to something from Marilyn Monroe. 
When Stern photographed Monroe for what is now called “The Last Sitting,” a series of fashion and jewelry portraits that evolved into the infamous nudes with the colorful scarves, he had never met her. He casually says in a later interview that he “liked her” and thought she felt the same about him. He said, "I prepared for Marilyn's arrival like a lover, and yet I was here to take photographs. Not to …

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